BIM Coordination
Reduce Change Orders & Improve Your Project Schedule, 3rd Party Model Review with our BIM coordination services that specializes in MEP coordination.
LOD 400 Modeling
Meet design requirements, verify space allocation, and coordinate with trades for a more accurate and simple installation. Including point layout & mechanical spool drawings for prefabrication.
Scan to BIM
Stop using an inaccurate tape measure to capture your existing site conditions. We can deliver an
accurate LOD 200 architectural model that requires less labor for you to start your renovation with.

Our Services

We provide proven BIM modeling and coordination methods that add value to your project

Collision Detection & Resolution

Resolve construction conflicts virtually to keep projects on budget. Reduce extra meetings and streamline coordination with immersive virtual reality project reviews and reports. Our tools leave nothing to the imagination and bring all stakeholders onto the same page.

Construction Drawings

Once clash resolution and coordination are complete AVDC can produce 2D drawings that detail MEP system elevations, dimensioned MEP block out plans, coordinated RCP plans, and spool drawings for HVAC and piping systems.

Construction Team Collaboration

We work with general contractors and/or subcontractors to virtually model the construction conditions based on the construction documents, project models, and approved submittals. This will ensure conditions match the model and all building systems will ft as designed

3D Laser Scanning (Scan to BIM)

We scan at 2 million points per second with an advanced HDR imaging system, creation of colored 3D point clouds completed in under two minutes, with an accuracy of 1/16 inch.

LOD 400 Modeling

We will work with your construction and design team to produce LOD 400 models that can be used for prefabrication

Point Layout

Let us provide your subcontractors with point layout data from the model that they can utilize with their total stations for accurate placement of walls, hangers, sleeves, inserts, equipment pads, etc.

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Add Associated Virtual Design Construction to your construction team for the benefit of all stakeholders. AVDC can help you improve your project schedules, reduce change orders, and achieve a higher level of coordination. AVDC will provide tools and services that are industry proven methods for reducing project expenses and allow for the contractor to meet today’s ggressive schedules with reduced change orders.

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